Hi there,

I’m Paola, a Mexican living in Barcelona and I am a full-time photographer. 

I want to take you on a journey, a specific path that I create in each photograph. I think of composition as the foundation of my photos and just like those of buildings, foundations need to be strong. My style is clean, precise, and creative; I am a real perfectionist and this shows in my work.

For me, photography is not only my job but a way of living. I use light to create the mood and the feeling I want to express. I know how to organize and show a skilfully constructed collection of elements, how to find a balance between candid and subjective, between symmetry and harmony, and making every inch count. Capturing the beauty that comes from everything working together. I live every single day creating this aesthetic feel of everything that surrounds me. I do not see the world as it is, I see it as I would photograph it. 

I work with creatives in every form; from restaurants to hotels, from artists to bloggers. I am fully committed to delivering your company and project results. I will listen to your needs and tailor my services to provide images that will communicate your vision.

Please feel free to get in touch with me, it would be a pleasure to create art with you.